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About Paritätische NRW and its work locally

Nurseries, nursing services and youth centres – provision of these enriches the social landscape of the cities and communities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Many people use them day in, day out. What many people perhaps do not know is that many of these services are connected by one organisation: Paritätische NRW.

Branches of Paritätische NRW

Paritätische NRW does not itself provide these facilities and services. This is done by its member organisations, which work independently. To ensure that the member organisations have a local contact partner from the association, there is an office or district group in every urban area and administrative district.

Contact partner always nearby

Employees support and advise the organisations in the provision of good social services for people. Furthermore, they represent the interests of the member organisations in local politics, city and district administration and in committees and networks. People who want to volunteer or to establish an association that realises their social idea can also find support from Paritätische NRW.


In many places there is also a self-help contact point or a self-help office.
Here, people come together who are in similar life situations or for example share the same illness. They exchange information and offer each other mutual support. The self-help contact offices (overview of self-help contact offices in German) support self-help groups in their work and help people who would like to set up a self-help group.